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Janesce embodies all that is good, success from working with nature to create harmony in everyday life…”

Janesce is a skincare company with a difference. The focus is on skin and its needs, because a healthy, well-functioning skin is more likely to remain beautiful and be better equipped to resist premature aging.
Janesce is a total concept of skin care which combines easy-to-follow nutritional programmes with powerful, active, plant-based products.

From the soil to the skin Janesce understands the importance of the health of the soil, for the health of the plant, to bring full benefit for the health of the skin.

A little history:

The foundations for Janesce were laid in 1968 when Janice Smith (founder of Janesce) began her consultation business as a natural therapist, specializing in skin health. As Janice worked with nutrition to correct and heal the skin from the inside, she knew that the same principles could be applied to skin caring products.

In 1986 her opportunity came when she created her first group of eight skin caring lotions and mists, products of herbs and flowers she had grown and harvested from her organic herb farm.

As the Janesce range of products have expanded, the trusted natural therapy principles of harmony between internal health and skin health through working with plants has not diminished. Internal programs are offered to support the balancing and nurturing Janesce skin caring products.

On a hot parched summer day in 1981, Janice found Claret Ash Farm, a disused dairy in pristine countryside. The environment was clean. the soil was good, and the climate of the region was temperate. Janice knew her plants would thrive.

Today the Janesce farm has organic and bio-dynamic certification and this is the heart of the Janesce story. The old dairy has been converted and extended to become the manufacturing laboratory and so the process from the soil to the finished product all happens at the Janesce herb farm!

Nature provides all we need to heal, re-balance and nourish our skin…”

A beautiful range of Janesce skin care products are available for purchase

Lifestyle & Vitality or Skin Specific Naturopathic Consultation

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Janesce has proven time and time again that good nutrition brings great benefits to the health of your skin and to your general well being.

Through following easy guidelines on how to change your daily habits, you will notice great change in your energy levels, your skin and your confidence.

To begin your journey you may choose to undergo the online ‘Lifestyle and Vitality’ consultation. A Janesce Naturopath processes this. You will be advised on dietary guidelines, lifestyle habits, supplements, and skin care. Janesce also have a practitioner only skin care line with products specially formulated for the treatment of distressing skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis dermatitis, and acne. The Janesce internal and external programs for the treatment of these conditions have had great success. This is at the heart of Janesce where founder Janice Smith began as a consulting Naturopath.

A fee of $45 applies to each consultation



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