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The Beginning: Suffering from sensitive eyes and fine, brittle lashes Eye of Horus researched how the ancient Egyptians used natural waxes and oils in their iconic eye products. They used this ancient formula as a basis for their eye makeup range to provide products that are natural, non-irritating, nourishing and great for sensitivities.


Goddess Mascara

If you’re after perfect mascara that won’t run, smudge or clump, Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara is exactly what you are looking for.

The mascara coats your natural lashes and extensions, without clumping. Its easy to control the volume and thickness, with a fabulous flexible wand that lifts and curls, feathering out.

Inner and outer lashes. It really puts you in control of your look.

Once dry it will last all day. Designed to accentuate and enhance the natural beauty of your lashes. Best of all it washes off easily with warm water!!!



Liquid Define

Liquid Define is a smudge proof, water proof, long lasting define liner.

With its felt tip like applicator, it glides on without creasing on the lid, always delivering a sharp, defined line, dries in seconds, and lasts all day. Clever reversible tip ensures a fine point for the life of the product.



Goddess Eye Liner Pencils

Goddess Eye Liner pencils are uniquely formulated with beautiful waxes of Beeswax, Carnuba and Candelilla wax and come in a range of exotic colours.

They are all 100% waterproof and Paraben-free. They can be used for day wear to accentuate eyes, or evening wear to get that sensual smokey look. The smudger tip allows you to define or smoulder as much as you like.

Safe to apply to waterline and has lasting power that stays all day. To keep your Goddess Pencil in pristine condition please pop in the fridge for 30min before sharpening and only use the specially designed Eye of Horus Sharpener.

Goddess Pencils $39.00

Customised Eye of Horus Cosmetic Sharpener is designed specifically for our Goddess Pencils. The German Engineered steel blade remains sharp and precise to expertly sharpen the soft waxes of our famous pencils to produce a perfect point every time for eye detailing without splitting pencil. Lid removes easily for cleaning.




emerald tabula






Shadow Palettes

Embrace your inner Goddess with the alluring, long lasting Eye of Horus Shadow Palettes.

Eye shadows are baked, long lasting and can be used dry or wet, for longer lasting, luminous, full-intensity pigment finish, capturing light and reflecting it for a multi-dimensional effect.

The crease-proof formula has natural ingredients of rosemary leaf, corn starch and sunflower seed oil. Pearl pigments, satin sheens and matte statement shadows blend together perfectly and are so easily applied with the custom Eye of Horus brush.

Stunning shadow palettes are a staple for every goddess!

$72.00   EOH_isisLS_smalleohmdtpal_2  EOH_shebaLS_small


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